web training

Participants will be required to have a computer with internet access. Telephone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be used to access the audio portion of the web presentation.

Participants should ensure that their computer is able to install and run the Cisco Webex® application. Some companies require IT personnel to grant access to computer  applications. Please verify with your company’s IT department the installation requirements prior to the web training. Participants are required to log-in to Cisco Webex® 20 minutes before the presentation begins.

For Cisco Webex® details, please follow the links below.

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Tel: +1 (833) FDAWEBS        +1 (833) 332-9327

email: info@fdawebtraining.com

FDAWEBTRAINING.COM is an authorized Cisco WebEx® Site Administrator. Topics are presented through the use of Webex audio/video tools such as digital pens and color markers displayed directly on a graphic tablet screen with a pressure-sensitive pen. 

You can take FDAWEBTRAINING.COM interactive trainings anywhere! You can join the training session right from your Android tablet or smartphone or a desktop or laptop computer connected to a projector for a formal conference setting. Telephone line audio, integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi and 3G-5G allows worldwide personnel to attend and interact with the training session. 

For group settings, a “Test Run” is included prior to the training activity. This allows a firm’s training coordinator to get use to the platform and to ensure audio/video equipment is working adequately for a flawless presentation during the scheduled training session.

FDAWEBTRAINING.COM interactive web training sessions include workshop activities where exercises and typical problems are addressed and solutions furthermore provided. The learning curve is improved since all notes and comments written in the virtual whiteboard are converted to PDF and sent to participants at the end of the training session. As a result of conducting hundreds of web courses, companies have been able to achieve the following:

  • Decrease the learning time required to grasp technical and regulatory concepts.
  • Decrease quality events and manufacturing and laboratory errors.
  • Focus on real situations discussed during the training program that might pose accuracy, integrity and security issues to products manufactured at your site.
  • Develop practical and scientifically-based CAPAs for issues raised.
  • Faster return-on-investment (ROI).