Training and program development activities are key enablers that improve business performance. Since 2012, FDAWEBTRAINING.COM vast experience in developing, organizing, presenting and moderating on-site courses and web training activities is worldwide known by Pharmaceutical, API, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Non-clinical Laboratories and R&D Industries.

FDAWEBTRAINING.COM will enable clients to convert more prospects into customers by using webinars for demand creation. FDAWEBTRAINING.COM will assist clients with all the details prior to webinar presentations, handling attendance, registration, IT support, and all of the moving parts, logistics and people side of a webinar.

WEB service costs associated with bringing up webinars to worldwide clients are invoiced by project. This includes the Cisco WebEx® Event Center hosting, callback costs, callout costs and bridging international telephone costs.

The WEB Service Program includes the following:

  • Assist clients with their presentations so that they can generate leads and build brand awareness.
  • Tutoring clients presenters for webinars while enhancing their presentations.
  • Coaching, training and collaborating with client’s personnel to implement successful webinars.
  • Teaching client’s presenters on Cisco WebEx® technology to ensure operational expertise during the delivery of web presentations.
  • Teaching client’s presenters best practices for delivering and creating a sense of rhythm in order to keep the audience engaged and create a crisp call to action.
  • Assisting clients to incorporate webinars into their business marketing plan. ​​

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FDAWEBTRAINING.COM is more than a Cisco WebEx® Site Administrator and software platform provider. Our expertise in diverse technical and regulatory subjects provide a comprehensive, single-vendor solution that is able to manage all of the logistics - from audience recruitment and content development, to expert production and delivery, as well as post webinar follow up.

FDAWEBTRAINING.COM provides the technical expertise to ensure that clients’ web sessions are optimized to drive demand and participation. The client just focuses on thought leadership and content development.

​Web training presentations are “all-inclusive” meaning that the client is free to select the target audience. This audience could be prospective clients, current clients or even open to the public in order to increase Return On Investment (ROI).

The web hosting moderator service consists of a secondary point person ensuring any function proceeds as smoothly as possible by coordinating the following activities:

  • Audience welcome message
  • Agenda outline
  • Discuss relevant session protocol
  • Speaker introductions
  • Permissions for shared information
  • Track inquiries in chat windows
  • Administrate Q and A sessions
  • Manage unexpected system glitches
  • Close out conference

With ample experience developing and delivering hundreds of webinars since 2012, FDAWEBTRAINING.COM has the ability to make guests feel confident, comfortable, and welcomed on-air.

FDAWEBTRAINING.COM webinar development and delivery will bring more value to clients by expanding and optimizing revenue generation.